Hi, I'm Cassondra.

Most of my friends call me Cass or Cassie, and it's the name I most commonly answer to. If you're on this page, it's because I've sent you my information in the hopes that you'll hire me to photograph for or with you. 

I photographed my first wedding in June of 2013 with a Canon Rebel, a speedlight, and a lot of hope. Thankfully it was for a cousin who didn't know any better and I didn't charge her for it. Since then, I've been photographing weddings for Duca Studios, other photographers, and myself. I still work with Canon cameras - I currently have two 5DMkIVs that I shoot with - and I prefer zoom lenses for their versatility. I have a 24-75, a 70-200, and an 85 prime for when the 70-200 gets to be too heavy. I still use speedlights - currently I'm working with the Godox brands (3 V1Cs and a few TT660s for backup), and one old trusty Canon flash for absolute emergencies.

Cassondra sits on her couch and smiles at the camera.

Bodies & Lenses

2 Canon 5DMkIV bodies

Tamron 24-70mm/2.8

Sigma 70-200mm/2.8

Canon 85mm/1.8


3 Godox V1Cs

2 Godox TT6600s

1 Canon 430EXII

2 Godox Wireless Flash Triggers


2 MagMod Grids/Boobs

Godox V1 flash accessories

24" Reflector

PrismLensFX adapters (Halo, Center Split, Kaledioscope/Starburst Effects)


2 10ft Light Stands

1 8ft Light Stand

Too Many Rechargeable Batteries

Battery powered string lights

Handheld Mirror for reflections

Ribbon and Ring Boxes for Flat Lays

Cool, but why should I hire you?

I'm reliable and dependable. I have a great blend of dark humor and sarcasm that keeps the groomsmen laughing and the right amount of "yaaaas girl" that the bridesmaids love. I know how to bounce a flash in a hotel room to make it look like we're getting ready in natural light. I'm not afraid to rearrange furniture. I will fix the train for you as many times as we need to. I will read off family member lists and go searching for them when need be. Don't feel like climbing into a bush to get a cool shot with greenery in the foreground? I got you. Need someone to hold your light stand at a crazy angle? Done. I will run around cocktail hour and take grip-and-grin photos of guests, table shots during the reception, and grab you snacks from cocktail hour if you'd like them. I'll also probably have snacks in my bag. During the reception, I'll get on the dance floor, sing along with guests, teach someone how to do the Cupid Shuffle, and check in with you to make sure we're covering all of our bases.

Mostly, you should hire me because I'm an overachiever and I'm fun. Plus, if we have time, I'll show you cool photos from my trips or of dogs I love.

Cassondra holds her camera and looks off screen.

Okay, let's see some galleries.