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A pair of grooms touch hands during a portrait, showing off their silver wedding bands and henna adornments.

Weddings. Portraits. Travel.

A bride touches the chest of her husband, while he lightly touches her wrist in this black and white photo. Their rings can be seen, as well as the detail of her puff sleeve dress and his Hermes tie.

Weddings. Portraits. Travel.

Two New Jersey brides brides hold their flowers down by their side, their white gowns touching in the center. Sequin and lace details can be seen near the top of the frame.

Hi, I'm Cassondra.

Meet your new favorite

Mom-Friend - in a good way.

I'm not like a regular Mom Friend, I'm a cool Mom Friend. I'm gonna tell you how good you look multiple times, pull scissors out of my bag in a pinch, and always have your timeline within reach. We'll laugh during your portraits, I'll be gently sarcastic with your wedding party, and I'll probably tear up during your speeches and first dance. Most importantly though, I'll handle your moments like the professional you want and tell the story of your day through photographs you'll love.

Every wedding collection can be customized to your needs with coverage beginning at $1600.

Portrait sessions are a little different than weddings: you'll still get my specific brand of sarcastic humor, and I'll probably still have a pair of scissors in my bag, but these sessions tend to be a little more relaxed. We'll talk about the best spots for dinner in Philadelphia and the best hiking spots in the suburbs. Whether it's an engagement, a family, your birthday photos, or your new headshots, we'll pick a location in the Philly area and spend time getting to know each other and creating images that feel like you - whatever that means. 

Portraits sessions start at $200. 

Two teenage siblings and their dog pose together on a set of stairs in Ridley Park, Pennsylvania.
A family sits together on the grass in Swarthmore, posing for their family photo underneath a willow tree.
The seawall at Acadia National Park at sunset on a clear day in October.

When I'm not photographing clients, I'm traveling with my husband to find new places to photograph and spending time outdoors. We're big fans of the National Parks system and have visited 23 of 63, explored 40 states, and countless state parks.

I love taking photos of our travels and getting out of the Philly area to see new landscapes brings me joy. These photographs allow me to play with composition, lighting, and techniques in a way that I can't always do during a session. The freedom to experiment and create for myself helps bring a fresh perspective to each new session. You can view them in my Adventures with Andrew collection.

Want to combine portraiture or weddings and travel? Send me an email and let's make a plan.

Andrew starts a campfire in Olympic National Park near the tent, while Cassondra photographs him through the trees in a voyeuristic manner.
Cassondra laughs on her couch, holding a Megan Schroll coffee mug.

So Who am I?

I grew up in Southern New Jersey and currently live just south of Philadelphia, PA. I like champagne, pizza and playing cozy video games. I'm a Gemini and I read my horoscope almost daily. I like most types of music and a good true-crime thriller. I'm a sucker for a good vanilla latte or a chocolate chip cookie. I laugh at my own jokes - a lot. I've had a lot of jobs and they've almost all involved photography. I try not to take myself too seriously. I hated being called Cassondra as a kid, but I've come around to it. Most of my friends call me Cass or Cassie, and you can too.

An out of focus black and white photograph of Cassondra holding her camera and sticking her tongue out in front of a holly bush.

Client testimonials

The title photo for a review from Bill Rhoda, of Philly Typewriter. A mechanic repairs part of a machine.

"Cassondra is an incredible photographer and an amazing person. Thoughtful and professional, Cassondra's gift for finding the ideal moment to capture the best of what you didn't know was there, is unparalleled." 


The title photo of Elizabeth's review. It is of her and Joe leaving their ceremony, with petals being thrown over them.

"To say I recommend Cass would be an understandment. She's communicative and flexible and gets excited to try suggested poses or shots. My family is still raving about her organization and professionalism at our wedding. 10/10 recommend her services for big or small life events. You won't regret it."


The title photo for Anna and James's review. They kiss alongside a river in New Hope, PA, with Anna's veil in the wind.

"We first had the pleasure of working with Cass for our engagement and proposal - we LOVE those photos! Cass's support and accommodation to our questions and suggestions during the planning process were outstanding. On our wedding day, Cass was always her cheerful and positive self that even our guests recognized. She certainly played a role in making that day so special to us."


Title photo for Monica's review. She poses with her bridesmaids, laughing with each other.

"Cassie was amazing! From start to finish, she was there to help provide guidance and her years of experience to capture the most perfect moments for our wedding day! Our photos came out breathtakingly beautiful. She is very thorough with her work and will do what she can to make it the best experience for you. 10/10 one of the best decisions we made during wedding planning!"


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