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The best way to reach me is through my contact form. Like most millennials, I always have my phone in my hand and I try to respond to all inquiries within 24 hours - if you haven't received a response, check your spam folder. 

Wedding coverage starts at $1500 and portrait sessions start at $175. For a more detailed list, click here

I've listed the most common questions I get below, but if you can think of anything else, feel free to send me a message!


How long have you been doing this?

I've had a camera in my hand since 2005. I got my first paid gig in 2009 - a birthday party for a friend of my mom's. I was ecstatic that they chose to pay me and I loved those images so much. I photographed my first wedding in 2013. 

What do your wedding packages start at? What do they include?

You can view my list of packages on my booking & rates page. Wedding coverage starts at $1500 and portrait coverage starts at $175. Every session includes planning and timeline phone calls, a private online gallery, printing rights, and unlimited image downloads. Your gallery expires after a year and I'll let you know when that's coming up. 

How many images do we get from our wedding? 

Approximately 50-75 images per hour of coverage, but it really depends on what's happening. If you have a lot of meaningful details or traditions during your ceremony, you'll end up with more photos than if you have a more simple wedding. 

When will we get our photos? 

The processing time for engagement and portrait sessions is 2-3 weeks. For weddings, it's 6-8 weeks. Usually I can send out a teaser or sneak peek within a few days because I'm so excited for you to see your images. 

Can we print our photos? 

PLEASE print your photos. I can't stress it enough. Hang them on your walls, hold them in your hands. Give them to your friends and family. Your hard drives and flash drives will fail eventually, and your cloud storage will fill up in time. I could talk for a long time about the importance of printing your photos. You can order prints through your online gallery or through any professional printing service you can find. If you need recommendations, I'm happy to suggest a few places. 

Can I post my pictures online? 

Absolutely. Please post your pictures online - and please tag me! The best advertising is word of mouth, and your pictures are yours to do with what you want. I would love to see your photos online. 

Can you retouch my images? 

All images delivered receive what we call global edits - color correction, cropping, exposure correction, and general adjustments. If you'd like me to, I'm happy to go further with these edits to retouch extensive blemishes, flyaway hairs, and more specific edits for $25/image. 

Should I tip? 

This is tricky. You can absolutely tip if you'd like to - is it expected? No. Is it appreciated? Always. If you're satisfied with the service you receive and you'd like to give a tip, please do. If you don't want to tip but you're still happy with your service, a great review is always appreciated too. 

Should we do a first look? 

This depends on each couple and how you envision your day going. Want a sneak peek at your fiancee before the ceremony? Do a first look. Want the wow factor of your partner seeing you for the first time as you come down the aisle? Don't. First looks help ease nerves, give the couple a moment to themselves, and generally help wedding timelines. Doing a first look allows the photographer to get most, if not all, of your "formal" photos finished ahead of time and leaves the couple free to enjoy their cocktail hour. This way, you get to celebrate with your friends and family right after the ceremony rather than have someone chase down your extended family while they've got a cocktail shrimp in their mouth or a beer in their hand. It helps with the flow of the day, with multiple locations, and makes sure we get the photos that are important before your extended family has had a few drinks. 

Can I add an engagement session? 

Yes! Please add an engagement session to your wedding package because it gives us a chance to hang out before the big day and it helps alleviate those pre-wedding anxieties. I'll even give you a discounted rate for booking your engagement session with your wedding! Plus, you're gonna need something for your save-the-dates, so I'd say it's a no-brainer. 

Do we need a second photographer? 

You don't NEED a second photographer, but it always helps to have more angles and images to choose from. I can't capture both a wide and a tight shot of the kiss at your ceremony by myself. It helps condense your timeline too - both partners can be photographed getting ready at the same time. Two photographers means we can capture you coming down the aisle AND your partner's reaction to seeing you, the candid dancing shots AND the group photo of your friends from college, the reaction of your parents AND your vows, etc. All of my wedding packages 8 hours and longer come with a second photographer included, but you can add a second photographer to a smaller wedding package for $500.

What kind of a retainer do I need to pay upfront? 

All weddings require a $500 retainer to hold your date and candid events require the first hour of coverage paid up front. Full payment must be received the week of your wedding, but most couples like to spread this out over several months leading up to their date. Your funds are always held in a separate bank account for safe keeping until your wedding or event is complete. 

Portrait sessions can be paid in advance or at the time of the session. 

I can accept cash, check, Venmo, Zelle, Paypal or CashApp, or create you an invoice through Square. All payments through Square are subject to a 3% credit card fee. 

What can I expect for a family or senior session?

I love to do outdoor sessions, so if at all possible, we'll be outside. You can choose the location - for graduating seniors, it makes sense to be around something school-related, whether that's your campus, a place you like to hang out, or somewhere that's important to you. For family sessions, I have a handful of local parks I like to use, but I'm always open to a place that makes sense for you. Some families choose to have an activity for their session, like getting ice cream or making cookies together, and that can also make for some great photographs! Regardless of your session, we'll hang out and cover the basics of you or your family together and enjoying your time. I'll get plenty of candids, but we'll also take some photos of you looking at the camera and smiling. If you have anything in mind, be sure to let me know ahead of your session so I can do my best to make your vision a reality. 

How do you photograph candid events?

I photograph candid events the way it's described - candidly. I'll float through your event to capture significant details and moments, as well as guests enjoying themselves and any posed photographs you'd like. There is a minimum of two hours when you book me for an event and I will deliver all images in an online gallery for you and your guests to view and download. 

Do you photograph extended family sessions? 

Yup. A regular family session is limited to one household - meaning whoever lives at home with you can come to the session. If you'd like to have multiple households added to your family session, I charge $100 per extra household and add 30 extra minutes. Keep in mind that this adds up quickly, but it's a great way to get the family together and create a special moment you'll all remember. 

Can we add our pets to our session? 

Absolutely. I'd love to meet and photograph your pets. Just give me a heads up they're attending so I can bring them an extra treat or two to hold their attention. 

Can I bring my friends to my senior or graduation session? 

The more the merrier! My senior sessions are priced for individuals, but each additional person being photographed is $50 to the total. Senior sessions involving 4 or more people will be lengthened to an hour. This is a great way to split up the cost of a session, but keep in mind that each person will receive less individual photos due to time constraints and the addition of more group shots. Adding friends to your session does not essentially mean we're scheduling four mini-sessions, but that we're scheduling one group session with individual portraits of each included in your gallery.

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